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Our optimized antimicrobials are designed for an in vitro world

Pharma-produced antimicrobials are designed for an
in vivo world.


We can customize your antimicrobial solution according to your AST design needs: solutions with optimal diluent, excipients/additives, antimicrobial cocktail formulations, particle size modifications, etc.

QuickAST-DX has access to over 800 different antibiotics, stabilized formulations. The collection comprises common, next-generation, rare and unique compounds.


Antibiotic solutions can be filled/dispensed and dried in your plate type or cartridge with different optimized methods.

Panels can be produced in small lots for your research and development projects, midscale pilot productions and validation lots.

Quality controls

Formulations and panels can be provided with a quality control document based on agreed acceptance criteria.

QuickAST-DX has access to proprietary QC methods for accurate antibiotic concentration determination.


QuickAST-DX has access to custom plastics manufacturing capabilities with an industrial partner for your plastic injection moulding and plastic vial/plate/cartridge manufacturing.

We deliver exceptional technology to our customers

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Your business-technical needs are our priority. Our integrated business and manufacturing organisations translate your design into your product.

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Flexible configurations and panel dosage according to plate map with flexible order quantities.

We offer different options according to your requirements.


Having access to over 20 years of expertise in analytical, functional and stability testing of antibiotics, we can quickly anticipate and deliver your antimicrobial susceptibility panels.

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Engineer support

We can support your custom design needs and partner with device and plastics manufacturing expertise to bring your design to life.

What others say...

We are well connected in a ever changing market.

"The more antibiotics we use, the more we'll see resistance, the more we should expect to see the burden of AMR go up in the future, not go down."

Christopher Murray
Director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

"Antibiotic resistance is rising to dangerously high levels in all parts of the world. New resistance mechanisms are emerging and spreading globally, threatening our ability to treat common infectious diseases."

World Health Organization

"Antimicrobial resistance is a worldwide problem. While people die in developing countries, because they lack access to the correct antimicrobial treatment, antimicrobial resistance resulting from inappropriate use is causing concern in every continent."

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

"AMR continues to be a global challenge to health and focus must be maintained in ensuring that antimicrobials are used optimally in all healthcare settings."

CookeJ. Eur J Hosp Pharm 2022;29:63–64

Frequently asked questions

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Can commercial available antibiotic raw materials be used for the development of a rapid antimicrobial susceptibility test (AST)?

Yes, generally speaking you can successfully use the commercial available antibiotic raw materials for your AST platform. The main challenge is to make your full antibiotic panel perform properly in the same test protocol/test conditions. You will encounter some antibiotics behave very differently in various conditions.

More expertise will be needed to resolve the performance issues with the failing antibiotics. QuickAST-DX can count on over 30 years of experience with all antibiotic families to support you with the design of your new (fast) antimicrobial susceptibility test.

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Do antibiotics in a micro and nano scale rapid AST test behave different than in a traditional AST assay?

Traditional AST testing methods are macro level assays that need overnight incubation. You will experience that downsizing your AST assay to micro or nano scale level in combination with speeding up to a rapid AST test, has a serious impact on the behaviour of some antibiotics. Chemical and physical parameters start influencing the antibiotic stability and performance. If you have questions about your rapid AST micro or nano scale assay, you can contact us.


For the development of my rapid antimicrobial susceptibility test I need water-soluble antibiotics, but some antibiotics are only soluble in suboptimal diluents.
How do I solubilize these antibiotics?

Most antibiotics are synthesized and purified for an intended use as a pharmaceutical e.g. a tablet or infusion. They are optimized for use in humans or animals. For in vitro applications the most preferred diluent is water, but not all antibiotics dissolve in water. Sometimes a certain salt form of an antibiotic can be more soluble, but for some antibiotics more expertise is needed to resolve the issue. If you want support with these difficult antibiotics, please contact us.


The AST assay I developed performs according to expectations, but after some months of storage some antibiotics have degraded. How can the stability of the antibiotic panel be improved ?

QuickAST-DX has access to over more than 20 years expertise in stability testing of all kinds of antibiotics. If you have stability issues in your antibiotic panel, our scientific experts can investigate your case. Just send us a request.


An AST assay will always be developed in/on a certain plastic carrier such as a plate, cartridge, capillary among others. Why do some antibiotics seem not to perform efficiently on/in certain plastic carriers?

The antibiotics have to attach to the carrier sufficiently to guarantee a stable product, but on the other hand need quick release after adding the sample. For some antibiotics it needs in depth investigation on how to balance the performance in the carrier. We can develop for you the optimized assay in your plastic carrier and/or help you develop a suitable plastic carrier for your application. Please contact us.

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